Black Hat Linux

pwn the world


     BlackHat Linux is both an open-source security-minded OS platform, AND the team of dedicated unix/linux security geeks and seasoned internet security professionals behind it.


     As an OS, BlackHat Linux is based on the Linux 2.6 kernel (soon to be upgraded to a 3.1 kernel), built on the Debian framework, with Knoppix live-cd capabilities, Debian/apt package control, and all of the best tried-and-true, street-cred-worthy security/hacking tools IN THE UNIVERSE, including the latest in exploits, payloads, packet-sniffers, vulnerability scanners, firewalls, IDS's, plenty of toolkits and all the neat, kewl, k-rad powertools you need for complete and thorough security auditing, PCI-compliance, pen-testing and educational hacking, as well as custom BHL scripts and fresh documentation to help you deploy them all, built-in.


     As a security team, BlackHat Linux offers affordable and cost-effective services for PCI-compliane, managed security services, free security auditing, and penetration testing, all carried out by a staff of highly trusted (PPT-clearance holding), highly credentialed security professionals with extensive corporate experience, coming from backgrounds like Oracle, IBM, and NASA.  We are dedicated to providing your company with the highest levels of expertise and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that true world-class professionals are in your corner, securing your companies (and your customers) sensitive data in a world of ever increasing threats from the cyber world.